Extra Virgin

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Nocellara del Belice and Biancolilla are like two sisters. One more determined, the other one more reserved, together they elevate the flavor of the olive oil extracted from them. With our blend we want to bring to your tables the perfect reflection of our Tenuta, of which these two cultivars are queens on the same throne.

Nocellaria Del Bellice / Biancolilla
Hand-picked October / November
Mechanically at low temperatures

Two sisters, one unique soul.

Discover our exquisite extra virgin olive oil, extracted from carefully selected olives, handpicked during the period of October and November. The magic happens in the enchanting and renowned Valle del Belice, in the heart of our beautiful island.

The Nocellara del Belice and the Biancolilla are among the most ancient varieties of olive. Their fragrances bond perfectly, balancing sharpness and elegance and producing a green steady olive oil.

olio extravergine cucchiaio
olio extravergine bio premium
olio extravergine filo
olio extravergine albero


Notes and Pairings

The olive oil is extracted mechanically and at low temperatures to maximize its qualities.

One more determined, the Nocellara del Belice, bestows a robust character, while the Biancolilla, more reserved and delicate, adds a subtle elegance. Together, these indigenous cultivars create a harmonious symphony of flavors, capturing the essence of our Tenuta.

Our blend is a testament to the artistry of olive cultivation, where these two varieties reign as queens on the same throne, each contributing its unique attributes to the final product.

Delight in the enticing fruity fragrances of Biancolilla, gracefully harmonized with the lively and vibrant notes of Nocellara del Belice. Enhance your culinary experience by pairing it with a comforting soup or embark on a bold culinary adventure by drizzling it over fresh Sicilian oranges for a tantalizing burst of flavors.



Attention to details






We have decided to open the doors of our family and create a dedicated circle of special customers. Made4You is the exclusive program for lovers of good food and high-quality extra virgin olive oil.

At Tenuta Lamiotte, we are committed to the highest quality standards both in our product and in our service. Should you have any special requirement, please do not hesitate to let us know, we will make sure to cater for your needs.

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